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Roof Cleaning

     If you're wondering which method of roof cleaning is the best choice for your roof, let's just say it's the lesser of two evils.  Your choices are either High Pressure or Low Pressure Chemical Cleaning.  In the long run, both are BAD.  We use a low pressure chemical cleaning, as it is less abusive to roof materials.  It also kills mold spores to leave you with a completely mold-free roof, including the pores of the tile.  High Pressure only removes the mold off of the surface, only to return quickly thereafter.  The reason we do not use High Pressure is because it puts you at a very high risk of encountering roof leaks in the near future.  The best way to care for your roof would simply be to prevent the mold, and Stop Cleaning Your Roof!!  This is why we offer the best EPA Approved Treatment in the industry!  It's guaranteed for 2 Years, and you Never have to clean your roof again!  All you have to do is simply apply the treatment to your roof ONCE EVERY 2 YEARS!!  This way you can have a clean roof all the time!  

You're thinking, "It must be expensive."  Actually it saves you money!  It's really a No Brainer!!  
      First, you are only treating your roof Once every 2 Years.  Most people clean their roof Every Year, or Year and a half.  The Treatment is Guaranteed for 2 Years.  It only costs as much as an average cleaning would cost you!  Except it lasts much longer!  Also, the amount of time it takes to apply the Treatment to your roof is only a fraction of the time it takes to clean it every year.  So there is MUCH LESS walking on your tiles. There is only someone on your roof ONCE every 2 Years!  Let's give you an example.  If it takes someone 3-6 Hours to clean your roof, we can treat that same roof in about 45 minutes!  The cost of the damage that is occurring during repeated cleanings over the years is accumulating faster than you can imagine.  Stop cleaning your roof.

So, here's the question you need to ask yourself.

     Why should I pay someone to PUNISH my roof with repeated cleanings every year or so, when I can
PREVENT it from getting dirty, for close to the SAME PRICE??  I Think the answer is Clear!! Also, the Treatment is applied with LESS Pressure than your garden hose. It would take us 10 Years of Treatments to add up to ONE CLEANINGS amount of foot traffic on your roof!!
LESS foot traffic equals LESS DAMAGE!! Again the Treatment is EPA Approved!  It WILL NOT harm
your landscaping!!  Everyone wants to GO GREEN, well here's you chance!

"The Treatment Is The Cure"

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