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Paver Sealing

Tired of seeing your money go down the drain each time you find a new stain on your paver driveway or patio?  
Protect your pavers from staining and color loss with our High Quality Commercial Grade Paver Sealer! Our experience in this field far exceeds that of other companies, with hundreds of thousands of square feet previously sealed over the last 10 Years!  Our process is one that is recommended by sealer manufacturers.  

We will clean the driveway, or patio, one day, and return the next to verify sufficient drying has occurred.  Then, the paver sealer is applied using and industrial sprayer.  WE DO NOT ROLL PAVER SEALER ON YOUR DRIVEWAY or PATIO USING A PAINT ROLLER!!!  This is the main cause of crystallization, or the white haze that appears weeks later, only to destroy your driveways look by being improperly applied.  We believe in doing the job right, The First Time!  Have confidence in allowing us to take care of all your sealing needs. 

Surfaces Include: Concrete Pavers, Brick Pavers, Stone, Marble.

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